Jonas Abersbach, BSc

IT Manager

  • Provides IT management and consulting to CCI-CIC
  • Over 20 years experience working with research/clinical groups, and private sector
  • BSc (UBC Computer Science and Computer Engineering)

Jonas is an IT Consultant at CCI-CIC. He has worked with research and clinical groups at VCH, PHSA, UBC, and the private sector for over 20 years. With insight into the clinical and research IT landscape, combined with technical expertise, he is able to help groups achieve their program objectives rapidly and efficiently. He and his team manage the IT for many physicians and researchers, and are well known in the Vancouver health care community. Previous projects include:

  • Converting BC medical clinics from paper charts to electronic medical records
  • IT consulting for many construction projects at VCH, UBC, and the private sector
  • Implementing and managing very large scale computational and storage clusters for UBC research groups

CCI is an inclusive centre with multidisciplinary membership for all cardiovascular investigators in BC