Kevin Lam, BSc

Clinical Database Manager

  • Clinical Database Manager at CCI-CIC
  • Over 20 years of IT experience in regulated, clinical research settings.
  • In-depth experience with DFdiscover EDC design, programming, and administration.
  • Expert in relational database design, conventional MRI image processing, and analysis pipelining using C++, MySQL, and Bash.
  • BSc (Honours Combined Physics and Computer Science) from UBC

Kevin is the Clinical Database Manager at CCI. He has over 20 years of IT experience in clinical research settings, and has been responsible for developing a wide range of applications for different aspects in conducting large-scale multi-national clinical trials. As Database Manager he is responsible for EDC user interface design, programming, and administration, for some of the major trials conducted at CCI. Previously he was the lead designer and manager of a large clinical MRI imaging database, and designed and implemented image processing, review, and analysis pipelines for that data. Furthermore, he has experience in Linux systems programming and administration, as well as creating and managing developmental and organizational SOPs for an imaging core lab.

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